Hey, I’m Ryan, thanks for stopping by my site about pallet furniture!

I’m not an expert furniture designer by any means, but I did have a few pallets, an unfurnished house I recently bought, and a bit of creativity. That led me to search the internet on diy projects that involved pallets. They can get pretty darn cool, so why spend hundreds of dollars on furniture when you could build it practically for free. Just a bit of sweat, maybe a few mistakes along the way, and an afternoon can get you a great looking piece of pallet furniture.

I designed this site as a resource for those looking for inspiration, tips, and tutorials for building furniture with pallets.

If you’d like to reach me for any reason whether it’s to show your awesome pallet furniture, advertise, or just say hi, feel free to email me at ryan @ palletfurnitureblog.com

Best of luck with your pallet furniture projects!

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