Colorful Pallet Wood Clocks from the Goathopper

An etsy seller known as the goathopper has created a line of colorful pallet wooden clocks that would be a great addition to any nautical or rustic themed home or office. The wood is reclaimed and often painted in distinct colors, which can more easily match the color pallete (pun intended) of the buyers choosing.

Pallet Wood Clock

Reclaimed Wood Clocks

Pallet Wood Clock

The name got me curious about what it meant, and when I clicked on the about page, I was pleasantly suprised to get a full definition of the meaning, which read:

“It follows that in villages throughout the Caribbean there existed a man who would, for a fee, scour your fields for goat dung, a valuable commodity used for fuel and to make coffee and cooking oil. He was the “goathopper” and required a keen eye and smell as dung from the kid (young goat) was to be avoided for its brittleness. Having never harvested goat manure, I still feel (like most artists) a connection in sharing the need for detailed focus. It’s my hope this “essence of goathopper” exists in every stage of production.

It begins when the wood is carefully selected for hardiness, character and compatibility. The wood is then matched to a color palette and ready for dressing. Color is key and I prefer developing my own which means no two batches are alike. Next up is a shot of character and seasoning via a 10 step, 2 day distressing routine I’ve developed through years of trial and error. My take is distressing can only be perfectly imperfect when it’s uniformly random. Every nick and blemish you see is there for reason. At some point in this process your clock takes on a personality with its own unique flavor that will forever be one of a kind. It’s now a goathopper.”

To see more of the goathoppers works and learn more about his process, hop on over to his etsy store.

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