Cube / Crate Style Pallet Coffee Table

If you’re not up for the usual pallet coffee table design, the cube or crate style design might be for you. If you’re familiar with how to make basic crates out of pallets, all you have to do is repeat four times over, connect them and whalla! Crate pallet coffee table.

If you’re not so inclined to building your own you could find some sellers online such as this one who will gladly sell you one that looks like the picture below.

Cube Pallet Coffee Table

They referred to it as an “R cube”, which I hadn’t heard of before. They also decided to paint the insides and leave the exterior unpainted, which gave it a unique look, and day at the beach look.

Crate Pallet Coffee Table

There’s another store selling nearly the same thing, but this one comes on casters and has just a slightly different style. They decided to go with rough finished stain as well.

Pallet Coffee Table on Wheels Crate

If you’re interested in this particular crate pallet coffee table, check out their etsy store

The crate style coffee table seems to be better at storage or displaying items. It seems like a really good fit if you are in need of book storage as well. Also if you have a vertical centerpiece of accent of your home decor, the open middle would allow you to place it there as well.

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