DIY Pallet Headboard – Build Your Own With Plans from Thinking Closet

I just stumbled on a great blog post over at the thinking closet about how to build your own pallet headboard. Usually blog posts of these types have a few pictures, possibly a plan or two, and the final result, but lack in detail, but boy was I impressed when I stumbled on their beast of an article. With over 33 images (and a gif from instagram) along with a massive 2,000+ word detailed post, I highly recommend taking a look see if you’re interested in building a pallet headboard that looks great, is doable for beginners, and will save you heaps of money versus going out and buying the alternative.

Here are just a few of the many images in their great blog post about their experience building their own pallet headboard.





Pretty snassy huh? The distressed word worked great with their nautical theme and definitely isn’t overused, unlike my house, which seems to have pallet furniture for almost every piece.

If you’re interested in following along to build your own or to get a few more ideas, check out the headboard post over at thinking closet.

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