Making a Decorative Star from Pallet Wood

It’s always nice when you see something with pallet wood that you’ve never seen before. Sure there are the standard pallet coffee tables and book cases, but when people get a bit more creative using simple pieces of wood, that’s what I really enjoy. Today I stumbled on a very simple to do decoration using pallet wood as a star. I could see this being used during the holidays if you decided to paint it and maybe add a few more accessories to liven it up, but one pallet alone has enough wood to make it.

With only five little wood planks you can make yourself a conversation piece for your home or office. Or you could simply buy it directly from the etsy seller where I saw this original idea.

Wood Pallet Star Wall Art Decor

Wood Star Decor

Have you made any stars or other unique shapes from pallet wood? If you have, please share your pallet project with others on the pallet furniture blog.

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