This isn’t exactly furniture, but it sure does look cool. This sphere, found on flickr, is apparently made completely of wood pallets.

Any ideas of what it could be used for?

Wood Pallet Ball


A fairly popular use for pallet recycling has been using pallets as composting bins.

Some of the benefits of using a compost bin include:
-Creating less garbage by removing waste from the landfill.
-Inexpensive, especially if you’re using free recycled pallets to accomplish your project.
-A better smelling kitchen since organic waste doesn’t decomose in your house, but rather in your yard.
-Fresh fertilizer, which is great for backyard gardening, which in turn saves you money on buying soil and having higher yielding fruits and veggies in your garden.

Check out some great examples of pallet composting bins here.

Pallet Sofas and Couches.

pallet sofa wood pallet sofa bed

Pallet side tables are great for living rooms, or bedrooms where they can add accent and storage to your room.

For ideas on projects and photos check out some of the pallet side table links below.

Paltable Woodworking Side Table

I just found another creative use for a small amount of pallet wood. You could probably build this from less than half a pallet total, but you will need a bit more woodworking equipment to do so.

It’s a small pallet laptop desk, which has an opening top that has storage inside. Pretty neat.

Pallet Laptop Desk

Find out more here

Did you create a wood pallet furniture piece that you’re proud of and perhaps would like to share it with the world?

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Check out these projects added by readers just like you!

Outdoor pallet furniture garden set
Pallet Porch Bench and Cabinet

Just stumbled on a wood pallet furniture project that I found today. The idea is to create a corner nook, along with some book storage, in order to create a reading nook for a kids room.

Looks like the project can be built using two, possibly three pallets, that are sanded, and painted white, then simply add some padding.

Wood Pallet Reading Nook

You can find more about the project here

Image courtesy of

Wood Shipping Pallet Nightstands