Pallet Coffee Table Tops – To Match or Not to Match

There have been a lot of cool pallet coffee tables shared her on the pallet furniture blog, but when making my own I became stuck with one simple question in my mind. Do I make the top match in wood grain, stain color, and size? Or do I make them different, creating a bit more of an eclectic vibe and show the many unique pieces of wood that pallets have to offer.

You can see an example of each in the images below. The first is what you often see more of. Matching, and a bit more finished looking, while the second image is a bit more wild and definitely has personality.

Nice Pallet Coffee Table

Checkered Pallet Coffee Table

Which do you prefer. The more formal matching pallet coffee table top, or the more artistic display of different grains, stains, and sizes?

Personally, I decided to go with the matching… it just fit better with the overall feel of the room and the rest of the furniture.

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