Pallet Houses

Believe it or not several folks have taken it upon themselves to build houses completely out of pallets!

That’s quite a feat and a pretty cheap source of framing. Although I haven’t done this myself… yet… I’ve found quite a few useful articles, and posts around the web that I’d simply like to share for inspiration and because frankly I thought they were kinda cool.

Enjoy, and if you know of any other links simply email them to me and I’ll add them to the site!

Pallet Houses for Inspiration

Pallet Hangout HouseProbably one of the coolest looking “houses” I’ve seen from pallets. This house is a “hangout house” built in a backyard.

For more information about the house check out the website

Click on any of the images below for a larger view.

Building a Free Pallet House

Pallet Tiny House Another person building a pallet home, is a person who’s modeling a similar design to the popular tumbleweed homes that are built on trailers.

He gives dimensions and updates as he builds his tiny pallet house.

Check out the website

More Pallet House Inspiration

Below are images of other pallet houses from around the web. Click on an image to read more about it on the site in which I found it.

pallet house white pallet house pallet house

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