Pallet Wood Garden Path

Have a small area of your yard you’d like to add a unique path, but don’t want to use pavers or stone? Consider using pallet wood like funky junk interiors did.

Here’s the before shot, needs just a little bit of love, don’t you think?

Pallet Wood Walk Garden

After repositioning the boards and setting them back where they belong along with a bit of a photography trick to make the image look more finished, whalla! Pretty spiffy looking walking path for the garden, which can be done for quite cheap

Pallet Wood Path Funky Junk

Pallet Wood Garden Walkway

My only concern about having a pallet wood garden path would be that over time it will most likely rot. If you can get the boards cheap and don’t mind replacing them every so often it’s probably not a bad idea, but if you don’t like to spend a lot of time in the garden, perhaps stone would be a better bet?

This idea came from funky junk interiors. She provides more explanation and a bunch more photos in her post, you should check it out.

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