Reclaimed Pallet Wood Terrarium

Although it’s not one hundred percent pallet made, this terrarium stand it still wonderfully finished, and has a classy yet rustic appeal. With a few tweaks it could be made almost exclusively from pallet wood, but either way, much like the reclaimed wood terrarium builder mentions on his website, he didn’t think he’d be build one himself. Much like him, I was suprised to even see one since terrariums are quite rare, so I was excited to share this on the blog.

Here are a few of the images the woodworker posted on his website sharing his project.

Reclaimed Wood Terrarium DIY

Pallet Wood Terrarium Plan

For more information about the reclaimed woodworker and his projects, check out his website at reclaimed nj. If you’d like to go directly to his page about this project, you can do so here

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