Useful Tools When Building Pallet Furniture

If you’re going to be building your own pallet furniture there are several tools that will make your life a whole lot easier along the way.

Tools to Take Apart Pallets

Taking apart pallets can be incredibly frustrating, but the reward of free or cheap wood is well worth the effort. To learn how to take apart pallets read the article on how to take apart wood pallets.

The tools you’ll often need include:

Crowbar (flat)

Tools that make it easier include:
Skill saws

Prepping the boards

You can either use sandpaper and do it by hand (which is an exercise in patience) or you can purchase a sander.

I use a Makita sander which does the trick. Depending on the project, you’ll need different types of sandpapers based on how smooth you want the wood to be.

Assembling Your Furniture

I prefer to use screws when building pallet furniture simply because they’re more forgiving when I make mistakes and allow me to more easily disassemble the furniture once it’s built. Therefore you’ll need a drill with a philips head bit.

The drill I use is a makita hand drill. It costs about $200 to pick one of these up, and they’re handy for almost any project around the house.

For more advanced projects

You may want a midar saw to make straight line or straight angle cuts to your boards, but you could also do that with a skill saw if you’re careful with your cutting.

Remember Safety

Of course don’t forget to wear eyewear and be safe while working with power tools, especially the saws!

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