Why Build Furniture With Wood Pallets

Why should you consider building furniture, decorations, or even bigger projects out of wood pallets?

The simple answer: It’s cheap and you can build great furniture for cheap.

The look and feel of pallet furniture is rough, but looks great especially with a new meets old decorating style. I started using wood pallets because I had access to a bunch of them for free and thought it’d be fun to build furniture for my recently purchased house when starting out.

Reusing Old to Make New

Oftentimes wood pallets end up in landfills or are burnt, but by reusing wood pallets for furniture you’re bringing new life to an old product that many think is useless. You can be creative and create furniture that looks great and will also draw conversation from friends and acquaintances who visit your home.

Easy to Build With

As you’ll see from many of the furniture building projects on this site there are a ton of projects you can tackle even as a beginner. Wood pallet furniture is durable, easy to make and can be assembled as quickly as if you built furniture from a store.

Solid Wood

Since wood pallets are shipped around the world and experience extreme conditions they’re built solid. That means the wood in pallets is durable and tough. It’s not uncommon to find pallets made of oak, which would be pretty expensive to purchase brand new.

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