Creating a Rustic Desk Using Pallet Wood Planks

So I was inspired by this post, at the funky junk blog and decided to build a desk simply out of old wood I got for free. The wood I used included cedar posts, standard 2×4’s and wood pallet planks. The end result was this:

How I built it.

Depending on your level of experience and handiness you can complete this project in an afternoon. The most difficult part might be obtaining the wood. For advice on finding wood pallets for free check out my post on finding free wood pallets.

The cedar posts and 2×4’s you may have to buy new or hop on a site like craigslist to obtain for a few bucks each.

To building materials you’ll need for this desk include:
8 cedar posts of
4 2×4’s cut to 63 inches
4 2×4’s cut to 24 inches

Of course these are just the specifications of the desk in the pictures, but you can adjust as you like. Personally I’d drop the desk a few more inches (maybe two) as it tends to be a little high for me. I’m also 5’8″ and my chair doesn’t go super high so take that as you may.

Step 1:
Cut the cedar posts

Cut the 2×4’s

Screw them in together. It’s easiest if you do this on the floor.

Once they’re all screwed together.

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